Saturday April 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday April 20th


Saturday April 20th

Photo Apr 19, 7 54 40 AM











Teams of 2 Only one partner works

Row 1000m

100  OH walking Lunges with Plate Rx (45,25)L2 (25,15)L1 (25,10)

80 KB Swings Rx (53,35)L2(35,26)L2 (26,18)

100 Double Unders

70 Burpees

100 Ab Mat sit Ups

60 Push-Ups

100m  Farmers Carry (53,35)

50 Box Jumps

400m WB Run by both partners


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  1. Colleen

    Great class today Keith and Beth! Great matchup with Dave, but I think you stacked the decks in our favor. ;). By the time we got to the 400m run, it was just about surviving. (And staying ahead of the youngsters).

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