Saturday April 25th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday April 25th


Saturday April 25th

Today would have been the 7th Anniversary Throwdown at DHCF. Thanks everyone.

Sat 8:30am Class – Join URL:

General Warm Up:

2 rounds of 200m run or row then 100 SUs

Part 1:

4 rounds of :20 second Hollow Hold, 12 V-Ups, :45 second Plank with :90 second rest between rounds

Specific Warmup:

Line Drills in Place – Over Hurdle, Side Lunge, Figure 4, Tip Toes Out, Tip Toes In, Heels & Arm circles, High Knees, Butt Kicks.

Part 2:

Every 3 min for 8 rounds complete a 200m run, 35 DUs, 6 Burpees Over something. Rest remaining time if any.


Run => 250/225m Row or 100 High Knees, DU => SU x 2, Burpees Over => Regular Burpees.


Heavy cardio WOD, work hard on Run/Row to give you more than 1 minute for Jump rope & Burpees but not so hard you have to use to much time to recover.


Roll out quads and calves

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