Saturday April 6th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday April 6th


Saturday April 6th

Part 1: Warm-up Lifts

Part 2: “Tons”

Teams of 3 Complete: 5000 lbs Push Press, 10,000 lbs back Squats, 15,000 lbs Deadlift while Rowing 5000m. Alternate every 500m.

Only 1 lifter at a time. Min 5 reps, max 10 at any 1 time.

(M/M/M 100%, F/M/M 90%, F/F/M 80%, F/F/F 70%) for all exercises including rowing.

Must choose 1 weight for each exercise, not more than 200 lb on any lift.

Notes: everyone should choose weights that will eventually add up to desired weights. Ie. 100# press, 200# DL, Squat for easier math.

Scale: Can scale % down more if needed.

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