Saturday August 7th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday August 7th


Saturday August 7th
Army Sergeant Alexander J Bennett
Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Darrik C Benson, PO1 SEAL
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Brian R Bill
Air Force Para Rescue Tech Sergeant, John W Brown,
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Christopher G. Campbell
Army Chief Warrant Officer 4, David R Carter
Petty Officer 1st Class, Information Systems Technician, Jared W Day
Navy Master at Arms, Petty Officer 1st Class John “Jet Li” Douangdara
Army Specialist Spencer C Duncan
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL John W Faas
Army Staff Sergeant Patrick D Hamburger
Staff Sergeant, Air Force Combat Control Team Andrew W Harvell
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Kevin A Houston
Lieutenant Commander, SEAL Jonas B Kelsall
Master Chief, SEAL, Louis “Lou” J Langlais
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Matthew D Mason
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Steven “Matt” M Mills
Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bryan J Nichols
Chief Petty Officer, EOD Nicholas H Null
Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Jesse D Pittman
Senior Chief, SEAL Thomas A Ratzlaff
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Robert J Reeves
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Heath M Robinson
Petty Officer 2nd Class, SEAL Nicholas P Spehar
Petty Officer 1st Class, Cryptologist Technician Michael J Strange
Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Jon “JT” Tumilson
Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Aaron C Vaughn
Senior Chief, EOD Kraig M K Vickers
Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Jason R Workman
Air Force ParaRescue Tech Sergeant, Daniel L Zerbe
Bart, K-9



1.) Challenge yourself on your thruster weight and box height
2.) Keep the runs under 3:00 minutes
3.) Remember why and who you are doing the WOD for

Partner WOD
8 Thrusters (155/105)
6 Rope Climbs
11 Box Jumps (30/24)

Partner 1 – works, Partner 2 – 400m Run w/ sandbag(40/25)

Partner WOD
8 Thrusters (135/85)
6 Rope Climbs
11 Box Jumps (24/20)

Partner 1 – works, Partner 2 – 400m Run w/ wallball(30/16)

Partner WOD
8 Thrusters (85/45)
6 Rope Pulls
11 Box Step Ups (24/20)

Partner 1 – works, Partner 2 – 200m Run w/ wallball(20/12)


Rest, Stretch & Recover


1:00 Foam Roll Low Back
1:00 Press Up Stretch
1:00 Wrist/Forearm Stretch


Target | 6+ rounds
Today’s workout is a hero benchmark. If you have completed this workout before, look back and recall the number of rounds and reps you completed. If this is your first attempt, be sure to write down your score so it can be recalled at a later date. Today’s workout provides the opportunity to practice a heavier lift, higher jump and high skill movement all in one WOD. As long as you can move safely and complete the desired range of motion, consider trying tougher options. The heavy thruster in today’s workout is where we will spend time on during the warm-up. Everyone should feel like they have a challenging weight for this movement. If your partner keeps to the 3 minute or less for each run then you know you will be working for only 3 minutes so work to get as much done as possible. In the run today, try to stay steady and consistent and use the run as a slight rest from the heavy work inside. Find a comfortable position for the sandbag/ball. Regardless of your goals or scaling options, it’s important to remember why we are performing this WOD and remember the fallen 31 HEROES. Here is the link to donate to the 31 HEROES PROJECT.

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