Saturday August 22nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday August 22nd


Saturday August 22nd

All Classes will be held at Lincoln Woods, meet in parking lot by the grass field.

General Warm Up:

400m Run


10x Spiderman w/ Twist hold for :05 each rep
10x T-Plank hold for :05 each rep
1:00/side Piriformis Stretch (seated Figure 4)
Standing Hip Circles 20/side – 10 Clockwise, 10 Counter clockwise

Warm Up 2:

Lateral Med ball Toss with partners 10L, 10R
Standing Med Ball Chest Pass with partners (no stepping) 10 ea.
Standing Med ball overhead pass with partners (1 step) 10 ea.,

Part 2:

“Spoonful of Sugar”
Work → Run → Rest
Partner 1 – 20 Med Ball Thrusters
15 KB Swings
10 Med Ball Sit-ups
5 Burpee Med Ball Overs
Partner 2 – Run 400m
Partner 3 – Rest.

2 Scores: Rounds + Reps, Total Runs

Rx: 20/14, 53/35  L2: 16/12, 44/26  L1: 12/8, 35/18


KBS => RKBS, MB Situps => Reg Situps, BMBO => Reg Burpees


Walk 200m-400m
10 Hip circles ea. side in Tabletop position


Number of runs is a score so push yourself on the run even though you are coming off of work. You will get about a 2 min rest after each work/run. Keep steady on work and have quick transitions with your partners.

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