Saturday December 16th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday December 16th


Saturday December 16th


WOD: “Work, Work”
Partner WOD –
2 RFT:
40 burpees
50 snatches
60 power cleans
70 push press
80 deadlifts
400m run (together)

RX 125/85, L2 95/65, L1 75/45
*Break up equally

*Trial WOD (For new people only)

“Work, Work” No Barbell

Partner WOD – 2 RFT:
40 burpees
50 step-ups
60 KBS
70 DB Push Press
80 Lunges
400m run (together)

Notes: Lots of work to do with this WOD.

Keep sets short and quick so you get through each exercise quickly.

Push press and snatch should challenge you.

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