Saturday January 29th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday January 29th


Saturday January 29th



Finish the workout in 17:00-22:00.

Move at a steady and sustainable pace.

Aim to perform larger sets on the gymnastics and weightlifting movements.


For time:
4:00 Bike/Row/Run/Elliptical/Jump Rope
75 Deadlifts (any object Barbell, DB, KB’s, Odd object)
3:00 Bike/Row/Run/Elliptical/Jump Rope
60 Thrusters (any object Barbell, DB, KB’s, Odd object)
2:00 Bike/Row/Run/Elliptical/Jump Rope
45 Weighted Situps (any object Barbell, DB, KB’s, Odd object)

*mix and match bike/row/run etc anyway you like


1:00 couch stretch on each leg
1:00 pigeon pose on each leg
1:00 iron cross stretch each leg


Target time | 17:00-22:00

This workout is a grind. Finding a moderately fast but sustainable pace is key. Coming out too fast will likely result in a hard crash and burn.

The reps are relatively high. That being said, push athletes to hold larger, yet repeatable sets on the weightlifting and gymnastics movements. We don’t want any movement holding them up for too long.

If athletes can’t perform the wall balls and kettlebell swings in 4 sets or less, scale the load or rep scheme.

Athletes should hold a conservative pace during the row and run. A great goal for these two is to finish between 3:30-4:30. Any faster than that is probably too much effort, which will result in them paying the price later when they need to push the most.
If athletes can’t perform more than 10 kipping pull-ups unbroken when fresh, reduce the volume.

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