Saturday January 30th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday January 30th


Saturday January 30th

Part 1:

Movement Prep & Warm-up

Part 2:

“Michael Myers 2.0”
For Time:
30 Back Squats 
60 Goblet Good Am
200m Farmer Carry (3 Laps)
20 Back Squats
40 Goblet Good Am
200m Farmer Carry
10 Back Squats
20 Goblet Good Am
200m Farmer Carry

RX 135/95, 53/35, L2 115/80, 44/26, L1 95/65, 35/18
– Use two DBs or KBs for the farmer carry, 1 for Good AM’s


Stretch, Rest, & Recover!


22:00 Time Cap today. Your goal is to set yourself up to finish around 20:00.
“Michael Myers” is a challenging workout because of the total volume, even though the loadings are light to moderate. Focus on finding a consistent pace from the start on the squats and good mornings instead of an all out pace. Save your energy so you can walk fast on the farmer carry. The less time you hold the DBs the longer your grip will survive. On top of that the exposure to the 600m total of farmer carries will significantly tax your grip and force rest. However we want to find a light to moderate farmer carry weight. We want a weight that we only need to rest with 1-2 times for each 200m. If during the warm-up you are already breaking up the farmer carry, we recommend going a little bit lighter. For the workout you will also need to practice the good mornings. 


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