Saturday June 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday June 27th


Saturday June 27th

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5 Inhale – 5 Hold- 10 Exhale for 9 rounds. 

General Warm-Up:

200m run Forward, 200m run backwards.


Pancake Stretch – 1 minutes per side, Down Dog Calf Stretch – 1 minute per leg, Standing Pancake Stretch in middle – 1 minute. 


3 Rounds – 10 Barbell Good AMs, 20 1 Legged Hops (10R/10L), 5 Inchworms

Part 1:

Deadlift Warm-up: 5,5,5 Building to WOD Weight. Rest 2 minutes between.

Part 2:

Teams of 3 – AMRAP 20 of 10 Dead Lifts, 20 Lateral Hops over Bar. One partner works at a time, alternate after each round. Next Partner to go must be holding bar while partner works.

RX 205/155, L2 165/125, L1 135/95


LHOB => Lateral Hops, Can scale with a team of 4 or make harder with a team of 2.


WOD weight is Mod Heavy but Barbell Hold will get tricky as WOD goes on. Utilize Hook grip. Work only happens while 2nd bar is off the ground. Lateral Hops are going to raise heartrate. Should be able to move quick with 1 round taking less than 1 min, that will give ~ 2 to 3 min rest.

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