Saturday May 28th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday May 28th


Saturday May 28th



Complete this workout in 20:00-30:00.

This partner workout is known as a relay-style workout or, ” you go, I go.” While one partner completes the full round, the other partner is resting. Once P1 completes the full round, they rest and P2 starts their round.

Complete this workout at a consistently fast pace.

The run should take less than 1:00 each time.

The burpees should take 1:00 or less.

Complete the knees-to-elbows in 3 sets or less.


5 rounds each for time with a partner:
150-m run
15 knees-to-elbows
15 burpees


5 rounds each for time with a partner:
150-m run
15 knees-to-chest
15 burpees


5 rounds each for time with a partner:
150-m run
15 knees-to-waist
10 burpees


Rest, stretch, recover


3 sets:
:30 upward dog stretch
:30 calf stretch/side


Target time | 20:00-30:00

Today’s partner workout is known as a relay style workout or, “you go, I go.” This means that while one partner is doing the entire round, the other athlete is resting. Once P1 finishes, they rest and P2 starts working.

The work-to-rest ratio should be around 1:1 today. You should be resting about as long as you’re working. The pace should be fast. Work at a fast pace but something you will be able to hold for 5 rounds. If your first round takes 2:00, each subsequent round should be within :10-:15.

Push the run. Your goal is to finish under 1:00 every time.

The knees-to-elbows can be broken into 3 sets, but push for bigger sets as you will get a lot of rest before having to perform them again.

The burpees are the final movement before you get to rest. This incentivizes you to push, but make sure you hold the standard by fully extending at the top of each rep.

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