Saturday November 5th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday November 5th


Saturday November 5th



Heavy day!

A complex we’ve seen from CrossFit open 21.4. (3/26/21)

The complex must be performed unbroken.

Perform 1 set every 3:00.

Athlete should perform their first set at around 60% of their 1-rep max clean and jerk.

Athletes should perform whatever variations of the lifts that allow them to lift the most weight.

The jerk will likely be the limiter for how heavy the athlete can lift.


7 sets for load:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk
– Athletes may power or squat clean and push or split jerk, but the complex must be unbroken.


Rest, stretch, and recover


2:00 seated straddle stretch
– Hold :40 on the left leg, right leg, and in the center.


Target load | As heavy as possible for each athlete.

Today looks slightly different than our typical heavy day! Today we’re going to be performing a complex that we saw in CrossFit Open 21.4 (3/26/21) . The only difference is you won’t have to do a bunch of front squats, thruster, toes-to-bar, and muscle-ups before it.

If you did this workout in the Open, your grip was likely fried while doing it. That won’t be the case for today so you will likely be able to go heavier than you did that day.

For the complex, you’re able to perform either a squat or power clean and a push or split jerk. Use whatever movements will allow you to lift the most weight. If you’re unsure as to which movements to use, we recommend you use the power variations because of all the squatting that is being performed this week.

The jerk will likely be the limiter in terms of loading for today’s complex. By the time you get to the jerk, your legs are going to be fried. Stay disciplined and use your legs to drive that barbell overhead!

Everyone should try to start around 60% of their 1-rep max clean and jerk and then build from there.

Perform a new set every 3:00.

Take small jumps from set to set so you don’t tap out by the 4th or 5th set.

If you do fail the complex at any point in today’s workout, it shouldn’t happen until the 6th or 7th set.

Today’s going to be fun, let’s get after it!

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