Saturday Oct 5th Chalenge Day 5 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
Call Us: (401) 721-5582

Saturday Oct 5th Chalenge Day 5


Saturday Oct 5th Chalenge Day 5

"Come on in and find out what is in store"

“Come on in and find out what is in store”

We will be meeting at Diamond Hill State Park at 8:30am on baseball field for Surprise Saturday!

*in case of rain we will meet at DHCF

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  1. sarah

    “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

    Marcus Aurelius

    Wishing everyone strength as we continue through this challenge!

  2. Sharon

    Made it through a 7th birthday party at Dave & Busters that was filled with temptations! Going to Outback now to enjoy a good steak to cut the cravings!

  3. Kristy Peterson

    One good thing from this is last night I made a dinner of chicken, sausage with peppers & onions, and salad. My oldest (10) had her green lettuce with strawberries and grapes and loved it, and just asked ME if she could have a salad!! I found something new to pack with her lunch!

  4. Diamond Hill CrossFit

    Ken, Sorry no protein shake after yoga but it would count as either mobility or a workout at DHCF.

    Great WOD this AM, despite the nit picky Cumberlonian that called and complained about us WODing on the softball field.

  5. Shawn M

    Cant wait to hear about the person who complained. Didn’t they see your “Diamond Hill” shirts? Lol. Slacker today. No workout for the mcginns but 2 soccer games and chasing 4 kids should be 1/2 a point!

  6. Amy

    Good news is I made it through the Army/BC football game without any slips! Bad news is I nearly took my friend out for her chocolate chip cookie post game before composing myself.

  7. Jeff L

    Toddler WOD this morning. Burpees with my 3 year old and pushups and squats with her on my back. We’ve got a future Crossfitter in the making.

  8. Jeff L

    Ghee makes a wonderful polish when spilled all over everything. Order now and get two containers for the price of two. That’s a whopping 0% savings.

    I’m calling Vince now for my Shamwow.

  9. Jim S

    Jeff – haha! I also did a few squats with my 5 year old on my shoulders yesterday. Should definitely be worth a few points!

    Also – had dinner at XO Cafe in Providence last night. Its a farm-to-table restaurant and had lots of good dinner options if anyone is looking for a good spot to eat out. Hardest part was refusing the pre-dinner cocktail.

  10. Sharon

    Great job Holly! Preparing to stand my ground at an afternoon cocktail party. Hoping that scallops wrapped in bacon will be passed around – lol!

  11. Susan

    Nom-nom paleo website has a tasty recipe for slow cooker pork, had it on salad, with sweet potatoes, it’s been feeding me for a couple of days, and thank you coach Beth, love the banana and almond butter!

  12. Diamond Hill CrossFit

    Unfortunately we have not been able to find any bacon without sugar so if you have been eating bacon check those labels.

  13. Shawn

    As for the bacon, I picked up applegate, uncurred at stop and shop. Ingredients say “….contains less than 2% cane sugar…” But in the nutrition facts is says 0g for carbs and sugar. Thoughts???

  14. Kristy Peterson

    This is a yummy kale salad I made pre-challenge – it’s a great lunch or dinner! You can always cut back on the raisins – and read the ingredients for a good dijon: – and another one I made tonight is slice brussel sprouts like they are discs and put them in a pan with melted ghee (generously to coat brussel sprouts) – cook them until brown and sprinkle with sea salt when they are done – YUM!!

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