Saturday October 10th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday October 10th


Saturday October 10th


5 in-5 hold-10 secs out for 6 sets

General Warm Up:

1 minute Jump Rope then 2 sets of 15 Good AMs, 10 Lunges


Pretzel Stretch – 1 minute each side, Prayer Stretch on Foam Roller – 90 seconds, Wrist Stretch – 45 sec each side

Specific Warm Up:

Burgener Warm Up for Snatch

Part 1:

E2MO2M for 8 min – 3 Power Snatches, building to heavy

Part 2:

21-18-15-12-9-6 of Hang Power Snatches and Alternating Front Rack Lunges

Rx 75/55, L2 65/45, L1 55/35

*20 minute cap


FR Lunges => Back Rack Lunges


Walk 200m


Part 1 should build heavier than WOD. WOD will tax grip as well as legs. In larger sets may need to break up, but should try to go into lunges after last snatch. 

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