Saturday October 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday October 20th


Saturday October 20th

Part 1: EMO2M 12 – Snatch Tempo Work 6 Sets of 1 (74-77-80-83-83-83%)

3 seconds to just below knee, 3 seconds at knee, 3 seconds to mid-thigh, extend through

Part 2: “Lucky Sevens”  Comptrain Benchmark WOD

5 RFT of 7 Bar MU (Scale 6C2B/PU/RR, 6 Pushups) and 7 DB Squat Clean Thrusters.

RX 50/35, L2 40/30, L1 30/20

Notes: Snatch tempo work will warm-up your shoulders for Bar MU and Clusters. Pay attention on the Cluster explanation and warm it up some to make sure you understands it. 

*Katrin’s score 6:51 Watch the video


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