Saturday October 24th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday October 24th


Saturday October 24th

General Warm Up:

1 minute of  Jump Rope, 10 Burpees,15 PVC Pipe Good AMs.


Calf Roll – 1 minute each side, Lax Ball Shoulders – 1 minute each side

Specific Warm Up:

Coach Led Empty BB – 5 Clean Deadlifts, 3 Clean High Pull Sets (1 @mid shin,1@ knee 1@ hips), 3 Power Clean Sets(1 @hip , 1 @knee, 1 @mid shin), 5 reps of Power Clean with Front Squat @ light weight. 


3 Rounds of AMRAP 5 – 100 DUs, 30 Burpees then Max Rep Power Cleans Rest 5 minutes between sets

Rx 135/95, L2 105/75, L1 95/65


DU => SU x 2, Burpees => Less (should have at least 1-2 minutes to perform Power Cleans)


100-200m Walk then Quad Stretch


During the Clean warmup focus on your set-up and hip drive, making sure to pull after the drive. In the WOD make sure to scale your burpees if you do not think you can finish 30 in under 3 minutes. During your cleans do not forget what we did in warm-up.

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