Saturday September 5th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Saturday September 5th


Saturday September 5th

General Warm-Up:

2 min Row picking up pace every :30 seconds


Roll Calf – 1 minute each, Cross Body Shoulder Stretch – 1 minute each, Wall Prayer Stretch – 1 minute.

Part 1:

EMOM 8 – :20 second Bar Hang / :20 second Plank Hold or Hand Stand Hold. Alternate Hangs and Holds.

Set up scale for HSPU and place card under spot on Rig if doing T2B

Part 2:

AMRAP 9 of 250m row, 7 HSPU Rest 3 min then 5 RFT of 40 DUs, 12 T2B.


HSPU => Abmat =>Box => Bear Crawl, DU => SU x 2, T2B => 15 V-Ups


Walk 100-200m, Lax Ball Shoulders


Part 1 focus on keeping core tight and shoulders stable. Part 2 will elevate heart rate as well as fatigue your shoulders, break up HSPU if needed right away, push the pace in 2nd part. About 4 to 6 rounds for AMRAP and 1 to 2 minutes per round for 2nd part.


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