Sunday February 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday February 20th


Sunday February 20th



Complete the workout between 20:00-25:00.

Perform large touch-and-go sets on the squat cleans. At no point during the workout should they be performing sets of less than 5 reps. They should be able to complete the 20 reps in 3 sets or less.

Find a pace on the run that is sustainable over all rounds.

Aim to perform negative splits over the 4 rounds.

Build to a heavy clean prior to starting the workout. We should be aiming to add slightly more weight than the last time we tested this on Feb. 2, 2022. A great goal would be 5-10 lb more than last time.


4 rounds for time:
20 squat cleans (115/75 lb)
800-m run


4 rounds for time:
20 squat cleans (95/55 lb)
800-m run


4 rounds for time:
20 squat cleans (65/35 lb)
600-m run


On a 8:00 clock:
Build to a heavy 1-rep squat clean
– Compare to 2/2/2022


2 sets:
:30 leg swings (across body)/leg
:30 lacrosse ball roll/foot


Target time | 18:00-25:00

Today’s workout is going to be a grind. Finding a consistent pace on the run and staying on top of the barbell won’t be an easy task but it needs to be the goal. Advise your athletes not to come out too hot. The workout will feel easy at first as the weight is light, but that won’t be the case 3 rounds in. A good goal is to finish each round in about 5:30 or less.

The run sets the tone for this workout. Going too fast on the run may hinder their ability to pick up the barbell. The run should be just fast enough that they’re able to go right up to the barbell and start to work. Push your members to finish each run in about 4:00 or less. For your members who dive deep into pacing, a good goal is to hold their 5K pace.

The barbell is supposed to be light and touch-and-go reps should be easily doable. At no point should athletes be performing less than 5 reps at a time. Ideally, athletes are finishing the set of 20 in 3 sets or less.

During the strength portion, advise athletes to build to something moderately heavy. A good goal is to lift 85-100% of their 1-rep max. This is a retest from a couple weeks back, so they should have a number in mind. If they can hit slightly more weight than they did last time, great!

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