Sunday January 17th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday January 17th


Sunday January 17th

Part 1:

9 Minutes to build to a heavy 2 Strict Press (From the floor)

Part 2: 

“Tiger Shark”
100m DB Farmer Carry (2 Laps)
20 Barbell Rollouts
10 Strict Press

RX 50/35,115/80, L2 40/25, 95/65, L1 30/20, 75/45


Strict Press => DB Strict Press


3 Rounds:
Barbell Curl 21’s*
21 DB Side Bends Each Side
7 reps from top to halfway down
7 reps from bottom to halfway up
7 full reps


First, today’s workout isn’t a fast one. Instead, it is meant to feel smooth.
You want loadings that will present a moderate challenge. We want to avoid loadings that allow us to finish the entire (or most of) the workout unbroken. We will spend a little time in the specific warm-up building to a heavy 2-rep strict press from the floor. However, we will miss out on the accessory work. If you want to perform the accessory work, you will need to do that on your own after class. After our strength practice, we will then find our workout loading and move into the AMRAP 15.

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