Sunday January 3rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday January 3rd


Sunday January 3rd

Part 1:

Movement Prep & Warm-up

2 Rounds of

5 Ring Fly and 5 Ring Pushups (Round 1 easy, Round 2 harder)

10 DB Lunge Thrusters (Build to WOD weight)

10 Russian Twists (Same weights as DB Thrusters)


1 Round of 5 Eccentric Ring Fly and Pushup (or alternative), 10 DB Lunges with WOD weight and 10 Russian Twists with WOD weight.

Part 2:

“Salmon Shark”
10 Eccentric Ring Fly Pushup
20 DB Lunge Thrusters
30 Russian Twist w/ Single DB
RX 35/25, L2 30/209, L1 25/15


Eccentric Ring Fly + Push-up => Maintain reps but reduce loading difficulty by standing more upright or DB Lateral Raise + Strict Press
DB Lunge Thrusters => Reduce Loading or reduce reps to 10 and maintain weight.
Russian Twists with Single DB => Reduce loading


Accumulate 2:00* at each:
Active Hang
Handstand Hold
Top of Ring Dip Hold
*Break it up as needed


Understand how today fits in to the rest of the week. We still get to get a little sweat on, get a little stronger, and challenge our skills. However, we are taking a step back from the higher intensity experienced during the rest of the week. You will be able to push hard in the lunge thrusters as well as the twists, but use the ring fly to focus on quality of movement and shoulder strength.
If needed, adjust the difficulty of the ring fly by walking your body more upright. This will reduce the loading on the shoulder. The ring fly should feel slow on the way down.
One last thing to consider is keeping the lunge thruster as simple as possible. Alternate which leg you step with on the lunge thruster, but finish all the thrusters on 1 arm before
moving on to the other.

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