Sunday June 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday June 19th


Sunday June 19th




15:00 Time CAP.

DB loading should allow for athletes to move at a fast walk or slow jog.

Finish both the knees-to-elbows and lunges in 1:00 each.

Manage grip fatigue throughout the workout with planned breaks on the knees-to-elbows.


3 rounds for time:
200-m DB farmers carry (30/20 lb)
15 knees-to-elbows
10 DB overhead walking lunges


3 rounds for time:
200-m DB farmers carry (25/15 lb)
15 knees-to-armpits
10 DB overhead walking lunges


3 rounds for time:
200-m DB farmers carry (20/10 lb)
15 hanging knee raises
10 DB overhead or front-rack walking lunges


For reps:
1:00 shuttle runs
– Rest 1:30
1:00 shuttle runs
– Rest 1:00
1:00 shuttle runs
– Rest :30
1:00 shuttle runs
– 25 ft down and back = 1 rep


3 sets:
:30 lacrosse ball foot roll/foot
:30 sitting toe reach stretch


Target time | 8:00-13:00

We’re closing out the week with a medium-length triplet that feels like a simple workout, but with a twist on each movement.

The DBs carry is more like a weighted run because of the light load, and we do want athletes to run with the DBs. Adding the knees-to-elbows is a tweak on the typical T2B that we often see, and the DB overhead lunges are a more challenging variation of the lunge, but with a lighter load that should be more manageable.

The farmers carry should be what slows down the most in this workout. Every round should be done in 1-2 sets with a run or jog and not a casual walk. Loading used should allow for this in a time frame of 1:00-2:00.

The knees-to-elbows should be done in 1-3 quick sets. Scale the ROM to complete 5 reps at a time with no more than :10 of rest between each.

The DB overhead lunges can get sticky, but today we want to mow through them. If needed, we can have a second set of DBs for the lunges to ensure we can maintain a rock-solid overhead position without any bending. If the elbows need to bend, the load is too heavy.

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