Sunday May 17th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday May 17th


Sunday May 17th

8:30am Class – Join URL:


2-minute bike, jog or walk
Then choose a light weight and perform 3 rounds of:
10 Band Pull-Aparts
10 Push-Ups
10 Renegade Rows (5 per side)
10 Reverse Lunges – 1st round, no weight, 2nd Rnd DB in Front Rack, 3rd Rnd DB overhead


Pec Stretch – 1 min per side, Down Dog Calf Stretch – 1 min per side.

Part 1:

AMRAP 4 – Perform as many Single Arm Floor Press as possible. (Alternate every 5 reps)

Part 2: 

5 RFT of 10 Devils Lunges and 25 DU’s


Devils Lunges => No Weight, DU => 50 SU’s


Part 1 is working the whole time with minimal rest breaks. Part 2 will challenge your cardio. HR will get high so try not to redline to fast


Roll Glutes and Calves. 

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