Sunday May 1st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday May 1st


Sunday May 1st



Build to a heavy set of 3 hang power snatches.

Rest 2:00-2:30 between sets.

All reps unbroken and from above the knee.

Start around 80% of your 1-rep-max hang power snatch.


5 sets for load:
3 hang power snatches


5 sets for load:
5 hang power snatches


3 sets for load:
7 muscle snatches
7 snatch-grip push presses


3 sets:
:20 banded shoulder stretch/side
20 banded pull-aparts


Target | Increase load across as many sets as possible.

Today’s heavy day ends a challenging week of training. The lower volume and intensity today should help you focus on building strength and skill. If needed, today should also let you continue to recover from Friday’s workout, Manion.

Our lifting for this workout will involve 5 sets of 3 hang power snatches. The bar will be taken from the floor and held on to for all 3 reps for every set. If athletes are unable to complete the work unbroken, reduce the load.

Focus on speed and position today as guiding tenants. Move the bar fast in the warm-up and practice holding the receiving position for an extra second. Prioritizing these mechanics will help athletes determine whether or not they’re feeling good enough to go heavy. If the bar can’t be moved quickly, or held in a good position, don’t go heavy today.

We’re going to practice receiving just above parallel in the warm-up and through the buildup to better be able to receive heavier loads overhead. After the workout, we’ll complete some snatch accessory work to build extra upper-body strength.

Despite all the technical mechanics we’ll teach today, we can simply boil it down to this: Control the bar as you lower it, then squeeze hard, pull harder, jump high, and punch fast. If we do this for every rep, we’ll be good to go!

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