Sunday May 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday May 8th


Sunday May 8th


Happy Mother’s Day


Complete 8-12 rounds.

Average 10-15 calories in 20 pulls.

Spend no more than 1:30 on gymnastics.

This is dedicated Murph practice. Use rep schemes, strategy, and pacing that you hope to use at the end of the month during Murph.


5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats
20 pulls on the rower
– Score is the total number of reps & calories rowed.


5 jumping pull-ups
10 push-ups from knees
15 air squats
20 pulls on the rower
– Score is the total number of reps & calories rowed.


3 sets:
400-m weighted run
– Rest 1:00 between runs
– Increase weight carried on each set.


2 sets:
:30 couch stretch/side
:30 foam roll lower back
:30 foam roll lats/side


Target | 8-12 rounds and 10-15 calories each row

We’re closing out a very tough week of workouts with a twist on the classic benchmark workout Cindy. Today’s workout maintains the 20-minute timeframe, but at the end of each round athletes will complete 20 pulls on the rower.

Scores for this workout will be the total number of reps & total calories rowed. This means that 1) pulling harder will get you more calories each round on the rower, 2) pulling softly will get you fewer calories each round, and 3) the faster you transition and work through the gymnastics, the more reps you’ll do AND you’ll have more opportunities to earn calories on the rower.

Today is intentionally designed to let athletes choose their own adventure. Anyone feeling fresh and alive can push the pace and the row as hard as they want. If athletes are feeling beat up, they can move through Cindy rounds and pull casually on the rower.

Regardless of strategy and effort, we want the gymnastics to be finished under 1:30 each round. Scale movements as needed or reduce the volume across all or any of the movements. With Murph coming up at the end of the month, think about scaling today’s workout similarly to how we’ll scale Murph.

Post-workout, we’re going to run with load to start conditioning the body for the weighted running in Murph. The intensity here should be low and the intent is to practice weighted running, not to get a second workout in.

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