Sunday October 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Sunday October 11th


Sunday October 11th

General Warm Up:

200m row then 10 PVC pipe Strict Press, 10 PVC pipe Good AMs, 5 negative Push Ups


Lax Ball Pecs on wall or rack – 1 minute each side, Roll Triceps with ball on ground – 1 minute each side


Proper Push Press form with coach led reps with empty BB.

Part 1:

Push Press 5-5-5-5 build to a moderate weight from rack, Rest 2 minutes between sets

Part 2:

For time:

3000m row, every 2 minutes 10 Push Ups


Row => Distance, Pushups => Box


Roll out Hamstrings and Quads


For WOD on push ups, remember chest or nipple line should touch floor or box when doing push ups, the hips or rib cage are not where nipples are located! 

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