Thursday April 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday April 18th


Thursday April 18th

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Skill: Row


“Shattered Glass”


Row 250m

20 Box Jumps

20 T2B

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  1. JeffC

    Fun class this morning, even though I wasn’t feeling 100%. I love T2B but was a little too gassed and had 2 or 3 no reps. I want to revisit that WOD soon to improve my time.

    Great job Roger, Michelle, and Shelby. Way to stay focused!

    500M: 1:44
    WOD: 14:57, with some step-ups on the box jumps.

    1. Diamond Hill CrossFit

      Glad you came in Jeff. You always work hard when you workout, no matter how you are feeling. Nice job on the rowing.Come back and visit us anytime.

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