Thursday April 4th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday April 4th


Thursday April 4th

Part 1: Front Squats – 5 x 4 sets to build to WOD weight, 2 min rest with 3 to 5 push-ups between sets.

Part 2: “Failure”

AMRAP 6 – Pushups & Front Squats.

RX 155/105, L2 135/95, L1 95/65.

Notes: Each time you stop one exercise switch to other. Part 1 is a warmup for part 2. Part 2 should be to failure before switching exercises. We want to see you push yourself for extra reps not plan out sets. 

Scaling: Part 1: EMOM 18 – 5 Goblet Squats, 3 Pushups. Part 2 should be a weight that large sets would be difficult and Scaled pushups should still be challenging to do large sets.

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