Thursday August 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday August 11th


Thursday August 11th



Lower complexity, higher effort workout.

5-9 calories on the bike for women and 7-12 calories on the bike for men.

Complete at least 10-15 v-ups each time.

Athletes should try to perform the same amount of reps each interval.

Athletes should push at a high intensity with the amount of rest given.


EMOM 16:
Minute 1 | :30 calorie bike
Minute 2 | :30 plate v-ups (2 plates 5/2.5)


EMOM 16:
Minute 1 | :30 calorie bike
Minute 2 | :30 v-ups 


EMOM 16:
Minute 1 | :30 calorie bike
Minute 2 | :30 single leg v-ups


On a 3:00 clock:
Max-cumulative ring support hold
– Perform 10 supermen every break.


400-m walk
:45 scorpion stretch/side


Target reps  | 150-250 reps (20 – 30 reps per round)

Today’s workout is to be performed at a high intensity. You guys will be working for :30 followed by :30 of rest. For this reason, you can push the pace from the beginning and still have enough time to recover to do it again.

Ladies should aim to get 5-10 calories on the bike each time. Men should aim to complete 7-12 calories each time.

The v-up can be performed with a very fast cycle rate or a more smooth and steady cycle rate, depending on who you are as an athlete. If you have a lot of experience, consider pushing the cycle rate. If you’re a beginner, consider the more smooth and steady approach.

Expect to feel both your lungs and legs in today’s workout. The effort at which you move will dictate how your lungs feel in this workout. The harder you push the bike, the more you will begin to feel them.

Your goal should be to try and perform the same amount of reps each round. If you perform 8 calories on the bike in the first round and 12 v-ups, your goal should be to get that many reps or more each time after that.

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