Thursday August 12th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday August 12th


Thursday August 12th



1.) Front Squat a heavy load for ten reps across five sets.
2.) Athletes that know percentages should try to lift as close to 60-70%+ for each set.
3.) Athletes should plan to lift their heaviest load on set four.


5 Sets For Load:
10 Front Squats


5 Sets For Distance:
10 Pulls on Rower
– Rest :30


3 Sets:
:30 Standing Hamstring Stretch / Side
:30 Quad Stretch / Leg


Today’s goal is to front squat a heavy load for ten reps across five sets.
• This weight should be something that requires all of your attention and focus. It is a weight that you could squat for 10-15 reps but definitely not any more.
• If we know percentages, you are looking to start your first set around 60-70%+ of your best front squat.
• You should aim to increase the weight across most or some of the five sets. Not every set needs to jump in weight, however, plan to lift your heaviest load on set four. This way if you bail or fail a lift, you have another opportunity to make a change and finish on a successful set.
• Aim to rest at least 2:00 between sets.
• If you are comfortable work with a partner, it will save you trips back and forth to the weight stacks.


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