Thursday February 7th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday February 7th


Thursday February 7th

Part 1: 10 minutes DU practice (Working for max consecutive, rest as needed), 5 x 5 Strict Pullups or 5 x 8 Ring Rows, rest 1 min btw.

Part 2: “Shampoo”

AMRAP 12 – 3,6,9,12,15… Pullups (Ring Rows) w/25 DU after each set.(SU x 2)

Notes: 1st Scale for Pullups is jump to bar pullups or hard ring rows. Rest on pullups should not be long, athletes should work in smaller sets with short rest if needed.


Part 1: EMOM 10 – DU/SU 30 on/30 off, then 5×8 Ring Row warmup, rest 1 minute.

Part 2: Same as main

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