Thursday January 14th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday January 14th


Thursday January 14th

Part 1:

DB Floor Press and Deficit Pushups Warm-up

Part 2:

“Snaggletooth Shark”
25/18 Calorie Row
25 DB Floor Press
– Rest 3:00
25/18 Calorie Row
25 Deficit Push-ups (45#)

RX+ Ring Pushups, RX 50+/35+, L2 40/25, L1 30/20


Deficit => Regular pushups @ more difficult scale


3-5 Sets:
15 Two-Handed DB Bent-Over Row
15 Pike Ups On Rower
10 DB Hang Muscle Cleans


We have a very cool and classic pull & push workout that mixes a high heart rate movement with a lower heart rate one. The first thing that should stick out to us is that we should be able to push the rows harder than we want since it will not affect our other movements. The second thing that should stick out is the DB loading. This is a moderate weight today, which means we want a weight that we can continually produce sets of 7-15+ reps. Overall, our goal for each AMRAP is for everyone to get 2+ rounds. The rest period in between AMRAPs will be plenty, so make sure to try to match your first score or improve on it.


We want you, the athletes, to be the captains of your own ships today. Athletes, how you navigate today will be up to you. If you want to test your power output and stamina, then go for broke with full speed and large sets.
On the other hand, if you normally struggle with upper body burnout, then we want you to use sets of the largest number that you can continually repeat throughout the workout. For example, you might be able to repeat 6 reps the entire time. If that is the case, then stick with 6’s. If you choose this pacing option, then we want to avoid a scenario where you do 15 reps, then 5 reps, then 3 reps, then 2 reps, etc.

Scaling and Substitutions:

We want Level 2 athletes to maintain the rowing calories today, we want them to finish at least under 2:00. If this is too much for us, then we can look to reduce the reps. Push-ups: Ring => Deficit => Regular => Tougher Scale

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