Thursday January 21st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday January 21st


Thursday January 21st

Part 1:

8 minutes to build to starting weight

Part 2:

Heavy Day
10 Sets:
Every 2:00:
3 Back Squats
*Try to use at least 70% across
all sets


10 Sets:
Every 2:00:
5 Back Squats*
*Use a weight that prioritizes
sound practice


3 Rounds:
20 Banded Hamstring Curls
10 Heavy Glute Bridges with barbell


Today we have a straight forward lifting day made simpler by the clock. You need to take 3 reps every 2 minutes, which gives you around :20-:30 to get your 3 reps finished. After that you will have 1:30 to rest, increase weight, or just think about what weight is best for you on the following set. Considering that today’s heavy day is a little bit “faster” than normal, we recommend NOT going to failure. Instead, build up across as many sets as you can, but level off at a weight if you start to struggle significantly. Recovery between sets is shorter than a typical heavy day.

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