Thursday January 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday January 23rd


Thursday January 23rd

Part 1: Movement Prep

Part 2:

2 rounds of
                                                           30/24 Cal. Row                                                        30 Pushups
 30 V-Ups
 30/24 Cal. Bike
 30 Pull Ups
 30 Box Jump Overs
Rest 5 mins btw rds

Scale: Pushups=> Box, Pullups => Jumping/RR, BJO => Step Overs

Notes: Stimulus = Cardio/Stamina. Part 1 – use to warm-up for WOD. Use to set-up for WOD. Part 2 should move steady but with purpose breaking up so you don’t take long breaks. The 5 min break will be a good recovery. Both rounds should be similar in time. Leave extra time if big class and stagger start.

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