Thursday January 7th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday January 7th


Thursday January 7th

Part 1:

Movement Prep and Warmup

Part 2:

400m Run
Max Unbroken Pull-ups
(One set)*
*Must use Kipping Pull-up, Note number of pull-ups per round


Shorten Run if longer than 2:15, Pullups => Ring Rows

*500/450m Row if not able to run due to weather


2-3 Sets:
:60 Side Plank (:30L/:30R)
:60 Plank
:60 Banded Pull Apart
:60 Banded Floor Press


Today we have a classic CrossFit Benchmark that we tested in the past, except this time around we are enforcing the gymnastic kip. This is a really fun test of both your cardiovascular fitness and pulling stamina. The goal in today’s workout is not to sandbag the runs in order to get the most pull-ups, but instead it is to choose a very sustainable pace that keeps you out of breath but still able to repeat large sets. For those of you who have never tried a true max set of pull-ups, today is a nice day to do so. For those of you who have, try and stay slightly under that max number each time. Substitutions:
We are looking for our athletes to get a minimum of 5 reps each round and preferably in the double digits to start off. Don’t be afraid to scale today. For example: complete pull-ups until you cannot do 5 and then move to rings rows for the remaining sets. This should only change ONCE. We are avoiding bands today and instead opting for ring rows. The run should take no longer than 2:15. If you cannot achieve this, reduce the distance. 

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