Thursday June 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday June 2nd


Thursday June 2nd



First opportunity to attack June’s Movement Monthly Focus: Thruster

Build to a heavy 2-rep thruster and use today’s number to reflect on your strength capability with the thruster.

Try to keep all working sets above 70% of your 1-rep max.

Thrusters performed from the rack if possible.

New set every 3:00  to fully recover and push for a potential new max.


8 sets for load:
2 thrusters


8 sets for load:
3 thrusters


4 sets for load:
8 DB strict presses/arm
8 DB front squats


30 alternating scorpion stretches
1:00 piriformis stretch/side


Target | Build to a new 2-rep thruster

First opportunity to attack June’s Movement Monthly Focus: Thruster.

Today’s heavy day is a 2-rep thruster! We’ve had opportunities to build heavy with these during skill work in recent months, but today allows extra time to let us build to a true 2-rep max.

The first working set should be near 70% of an athlete’s 1-rep thruster. From there, athletes should make small jumps as they build across 8 sets.

We’re going to lift once every 3:00. Athletes can partner up and the second athlete will perform their set immediately after the first athlete finishes.

Oftentimes, it is possible to get the bar overhead in a thruster using poor, and potentially dangerous techniques. We want athletes to build to a technically sound 2-rep max. That may mean the heaviest load lifted today is 5-10 lb under what an athlete could get overhead.

Barbells will be taken from the rack to work with heavier loads. Post-workout you can perform 4 sets of dumbbell accessory work to continue to build strength before starting the workout.

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