Thursday June 9th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday June 9th


Thursday June 9th

Michelle and Susan hanging out.



Time-priority workout that focuses on completing as many reps as possible.

3+ rope climbs in each 2:00 interval.

15-25 sit-ups.

Push the bike based on your rope-climbing ability. Easy rope climbs mean you should push harder on the bike.

Don’t stop moving on the sit-ups or the bike. Continue to accumulate repetitions until the last second.


3 rounds for reps:
2:00 rope climbs 
1:00 weighted sit-ups (25/15 lb)
1:00 Echo bike
– Rest 1:00


3 rounds for reps:
2:00 rope climbs 
1:00 weighted sit-ups (20/10 lb)
1:00 Echo bike
– Rest 1:00


3 rounds for reps:
2:00 pull-to-stands
1:00 sit-ups
1:00 Echo bike
– Rest 1:00


50 weighted dips/strict/banded/box
– Use a dumbbell or medicine ball to add load to the dips.
– Perform the dips on the rings or static straight bars.


3 sets:
:30 cobra stretch
:30 alternating scorpion stretch


Target reps | 25-40+ reps per round

Today’s workout is a time-based workout that challenges your ability to perform a high-skill gymnastics movement when you are tired. The goal is to accumulate as many repetitions as possible in each exercise within each round.

Don’t hold back on the first round in an attempt to save yourself for rounds two or three. Attack this workout from the start.

Take the opportunity to practice rope climbs within the 2:00 interval even if you cannot make it all the way to the top of the rope. Work on your footwork, climb halfway up, or maybe even just a single pull. Practice makes perfect and with the instruction in today’s warm-up, something may end up clicking.

Try to move for the entire minute on the sit-ups and the bike. Choose a weight on the sit-up that allows for this. Don’t choose a weight that is going to force you to stop multiple times.

Following the workout today, we will work on our dips. This movement can be performed on the rings, a stationary dip station, or even as a self-assisted version on a box or a bench. Those who are proficient with this movement will add weight to make it a bit more challenging.

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