Thursday March 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday March 19th


Thursday March 19th


AT HOME WOD (Click links for videos)

Warm Up
200m run (~1:00 min) then
8 Burpees
8 RKBS or DB Swings or Jumping Squats

Couch Stretch – 1 min each side
Roll out front of shoulder on wall with a ball – 1 min each side
Roll calves with a ball – 1 min each side

Part 1:

Core 4 rnds of 30 sec plank, (may add weight) , 12 Palloff Press, 10 V-ups

WOD Warm up
100m run
5 Push ups

Part 2:

3 Rounds For Time of  24 Kettlebell Swings, 400m run, 12 Push Ups

Scale: Paloff Press => Seated Lateral Twists, KBS => DB Swings, Pushups => Chair/Couch/Wall.

Notes: KBS should be 2 sets or unbroken, scale run if longer than 2:15, push ups about 60 seconds
Steady pace, about 85% effort with last round whatever is left in tank

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