Thursday March 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday March 26th


Thursday March 26th

AT HOME WOD(Click on links for videos)

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3 x
10 Lateral Hops (side to side)
10 Forward Hops (front to back)
10 R foot hops
10 L foot hops
10 Jumping Jacks


Squat Prep Cycle (Watch Video and take notes)
10 air Squats
10 DB Rows with lighter weight/band or no weight

Part 1:

3 sets of 20 second Superman Hold into 10 Supermans, rest 1 min between sets

Part 2:

4 RFT of 20 Goblet Squats, 24 DB/KB Single Arm Row  (12 ea side)

Notes: This should be a quick WOD if you choose a light weight. If you go heavier still try and go unbroken on Goblet Squats. Single Arm Rows should be down at a controlled pace with a good squeeze at the top.

Scale/Sub: Goblet Squat => DB or DBall

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