Thursday May 10th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday May 10th


Thursday May 10th

Portion sizes have grown and average caloric intake has increased more than 20% since the 1970s.  
Ways to combat large potions:
Use smaller plates
Eat more slowly
Eat small portions of high calorie foods along with low calorie foods like vegetables and salads
Eat more protein to feel fuller longer
Eat leftovers – ask for a to-go box when your order your food at a restaurant and plan ahead to make it into two meals




OHS 4-4-4-4



250m row,

20 ab mat sit ups,

10 OHS

Rx 95/65, L2 75/55 L1 65/45


CrossFit MetCon

4 rnds of 15 Dracula sit ups, 8 ea side of Turkish Sit ups, :45 sec plank

WOD AMRAP 15 of 250m row, 25 Ab mat sit ups, 10 DB Front Squats

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