Thursday May 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday May 19th


Thursday May 19th



Complete the workout in 15:00-22:00.

Practice a strategy of consistent rep sets on the pull-ups and use the practice to carry over for “Murph” at the end of the month.

Perform larger or even unbroken sets on the sit-ups.

Spend no more than 4:00 on the pull-ups and sit-ups in the first round.

Light-to-moderate clean and jerks that can be cycled for 5-7 touch-and-go reps.


2 rounds for time:
50 pull-ups
15 clean and jerks (135/95 lb)
75 sit-ups


2 rounds for time:
35 pull-ups
15 clean and jerks (95/65 lb)
75 sit-ups


2 rounds for time:
35 jumping pull-ups / ring rows
10 clean and jerks (75/55 lb)
50 sit-ups


Rest, stretch, recover


3 sets:
:30 doorway stretch/side
:30 banded shoulder stretch/side


Target time | 15:00-22:00

Today’s workout is a 2-round triplet of high-volume gymnastics and weightlifting. It’ll have a chipper feel that will challenge your grip, shoulder, and midline stamina.

Fifty pull-ups should take no longer than 4:00. Scale the volume to no less than 30 reps to meet this stimulus if athletes have pull-ups or substitute with ring rows or jumping pull-ups. The goal is to challenge and build pulling endurance, so whatever athletes do should elicit that stimulus.

The clean and jerks shouldn’t take longer than 2:00 to complete. These can be done as singles, but in the warm-up we’ll need to see 5-7 touch-and-go reps as a test to know we have a weight we can move fast. These will feel much harder after the 50 pull-ups, so the weight should not feel heavy.

The sit-ups should take around 4:00 at most. That averages to about 18 reps/minute. We can scale the volume here if needed.

Overall, plan to move through the first round at a steady pace while leaving some energy in the tank. This will either set you up to go faster in the second round, or it’ll be just right to maintain your pace and not drop off at that point.

If you come out hot, you’ll more than likely crash and burn in Round 2. We can use this to work on building strength and endurance, but we need athletes to finish Round 1 by 10:00 to know we’re on track to finish by 22:00 at the latest.

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