Thursday May 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday May 26th


Thursday May 26th



April 5, 2022 we built to a heavy split jerk single. Use that weight to determine goal for today.

Take a break from the high intensity & volume programmed the rest of the week; focus on building strength.

Take enough warm-up reps so your first working set of 5 can be “heavy” or around 65% of your best push jerk.

Increase load across as many sets as possible.

Take time to reset between reps so you can focus on consistent footwork.


5 sets for load:
5 push jerks


On an 8:00 clock:
Handstand walk/wall walk practice


1:30 lat/side delt foam roll/arm
1:30 T-spine foam roll with arms overhead


Target loading | Relatively heavy based on individual capacity.

We are focusing on lifting a relatively heavy load across multiple sets. This load will be relative to each individual’s capacity and technique.

If you know your percentages, you should start your first lift around 65% and build to around 85% of your best single push jerk. Advanced athletes should challenge themselves to hold around 80%+ across all 5 sets.

A key to success today is to ensure athletes are reaching full hip extension on every single one of their lifts. As we go through the warm-up, worry less about the weight and focus on dialing in technique instead. As the technique gets better, the load will increase naturally. On every lift, think about jumping, squeezing the glutes and thighs, and driving bodies under the bar.

As we warm-up and get into the workout, we are going to split up into groups of two or three. This will reduce the amount of equipment that we need on the floor and will be a good way to account for rest time between lifts.

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