Thursday November 12th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday November 12th


Thursday November 12th

General Warm-up:

200m Run (100m forward-100m backwards)


Knight to Hamstring – 1 min each leg, Scorpion Stretch – Alternate sides every 10 sec, 10 reps per side, Ankle Stretch – 1min per leg.

Part 1:

Pistol, HSPU Progressions –

Pistols: 5-8 reps of each (Close Squat, Toe Behind, Toe on Ankle, Box (Neg, Bottoms Up, Full), Pistols or Attempts.

HSPU: 20-30 second HS Hold x2 (Wall, Box, BC), 5-8 Bear Crawl HSPU, 3-5 Box/Wall HSPU, 3-5 WOD HSPU

Part 2:

2 RFT – 30 Pistols, 20 Reverse Crunches, 10 HSPU


Pistols => Close Squat/Toe/Heel/Box, HSPU => Abmat/Box/Bear Crawl


Walk 100m


Progressions are going to reinforce good movement for some, help teach good movement to others but will warmup everyone. Go through them with purpose and don’t disregard the work. WOD should be about 4 minutes per round, go hard at this WOD and don’t over pace.

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