Thursday November 5th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday November 5th


Thursday November 5th

General Warm-Up:

300m Run


Prayer Stretch with Foam Roller – 1 minute, Pigeon Stretch – 1 minute per side.

Warm-Up 2:

2 rounds of Group OHS warm-up. (PVC, Bar) 6-10 Strict Press from behind the neck, 6-10 Pausing Back Squats (Bottom), 6-10 Pausing OHS (Pause 1/3,2/3,Full).

Part 1:

OHS 5-5-4-4 Building to WOD weight, every 2 minutes.

Specific Warm-up:

200m Run, 5 Burpees

Part 2:

“Nasty Nancy”

5 rounds:
500-m run
15 OHS
15 bar-facing Burpees
*20 min cap

Games 185/125, RX 135/95, L2 95/65, L1 75/4


500m => Less m, OHS => FS => BS, BFB => Burpees


Walk 100m


Focus on drills to help improve OHS and get warm for Part 1. Part 2 is challenging, choose the proper scaling, lighter is OK if this is your 1st Nancy or OHS are hard for you. It took Mat Fraser 18 minutes.

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