Thursday Oct 10th Challenge Day 10 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday Oct 10th Challenge Day 10

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  1. Diamond Hill CrossFit

    Nice work today on the strength and WOD. Some great looking jerks!
    Fun times at 12pm class, way to go Kristy and Colin!

  2. Coach Keith

    This WOD was so fun I decided to do it twice. Nice job Colin, we almost beat those yucky GIRLS!!! AJ and Amanda, I think we would have taken them if someone (not mentioning names – AJ) decided to go 4lbs heavier on his med ball today. 😛

  3. Christa

    Nothing I love more than a great team WOD! Great work to my teammates Ken and Cheryl! We took ’em down! Felt great after those clean and jerks too!

  4. Kristy Peterson

    Rolled the dice for 24 birthday burpees today! I will take being 24 :)! Then I was thinking, I’m not sure I have even done 24 burpees in a row? Maybe I worked off my birthday cake from yesterday?

  5. Amy

    Jerilyn, I have been roasting broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus with olive oil, garlic and 1tsp cumin. 15-20 minutes on 350, turning halfway Everyone here loves it. “Ricing” cauliflower in a food processer and then sautéing in olive/coconut oil with garlic and seasonings has also been good!

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