Thursday October 21st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday October 21st


Thursday October 21st



1.) 14:00-18:00
2.) Complete all rows in < 4:00
3.) Use a decreasing box height across sets.
4.) Use a box height that allows you to complete 10+ reps in a row for the middle and last sets


For Time:
1,000/900m Row
25 Box Jumps (30/24”)
1,000/900m Row
50 Box Jumps (24/20”)
1,000/900m Row
75 Box Jumps (20/18”)


For Time:
900/800m Row
25 Box Step-ups (30/24”)
900/800m Row
50 Box Jumps (24/20”)
900/800m Row
75 Box Step-ups (24/20”)


For Time:
700/500m Row
20 Box Step-ups (24/20”)
700/500m Row
40 Box Jumps (20/14”)
700/500m Row
60 Box Step-ups (20/14”)


3 Sets:
16 Knees-to-Elbows in Plank
16 Alternating Single-Leg Box Squats


Athlete’s Choice


Target Time | 14:00-18:00
• Today’s workout is meant to give you a break from higher skill movements, heavier loading, and larger
ranges of motion. It is also meant to help you build out or maintain your longer time domain conditioning.
• One of the main goals of today’s workout targets improving your jumping ability under fatigue. We want to
practice three different box heights today. Consider picking box heights that allow you to finish each set of
box jumps around or under 2:00.
• We strongly recommend stepping down from the highest box height instead of using a rebound. In fact you can use a step down on any of the heights today if you don’t regularly rebound box jumps. On top of that, scaling reps or scaling to step-ups is encouraged if it helps you use slightly higher box heights for the first set of jumps.
• On the rower, use a distance you can complete under the 4:00 mark. If you know you struggle to
maintain a 2:00/500m pace for men, scale back to 900m or less per round. For women, if you struggle to maintain
a 2:15/500m pace, consider scaling back to 800m or less per round.
• We will also include some higher skill work today that develops single-leg squatting ability

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