Thursday October 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday October 8th


Thursday October 8th

 General Warm Up:

300m run then 2 sets with PVC pipe of 10 Push Press, 10 Front Squats, 10 Thrusters.


Calf Roll, Banded Front Rack Fixer (band on pull up bar, facing away with elbow in band and driving elbow up by ear), Roll Hamstrings – 1 minute per side

Part 1: 

EMOM 6 of 20 sec hollow hold after last hold immediately go into 15 V-Ups

Specific Warm Up:

2 sets of 100m run, 5 Thrusters with WOD weight

Part 2:

10 Rounds of 200m run, 15 Thrusters

Rx 45/33 L2 33/25 L1 25/15


Run => Distance if longer than ~1 minute


For Part 2 each run should be ~ 1 minute and the same each time and all Thrusters should be unbroken, moving efficiently and smoothly through the WOD.


Roll Hamstrings and Upper Back.

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