Thursday Sept 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday Sept 26th


Thursday Sept 26th

Yum!  Meatballs and Guac!!

Workout #1 for the Festivus Games

Workout #1 for the Festivus Games

Skill/Strength: 10 min  Hand Stand Holds (30 sec on/ 30 sec off)

WOD: “Thruster Ladder” Festivus #1

EMOTM 10:  Thrusters – 1 Rep per minute,

Build to a heavy single each completed rep add weight

* When you fail to make a lift rest until end of next minute then AMRAP DU’s(Intermediate)/SU’s(Novice)


RX: Start at 95/65,(Intermediate add 10# each minute)

L2 at 75/55,

L1 at 65/35(Novice add 10# each minute)


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