Thursday September 10th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Thursday September 10th


Thursday September 10th

General Warm Up:

100m Run, 10 Squats, 100m Run, 10 PVC Pipe Good AMs, 100m Run, 10 Dead Bugs, 100m Run, 10 PVC Pipe Front Squats


Spidermans with a twist – 5 each side, Tricep Stretch with band – 1 minute each side, 10 – Cat/Cow Pose

Part 1:

4 sets of 24 Russian Twists, 20 second side plank each side, 24 Plank Shoulder Taps. Rest 90 seconds

Review/Warm-up 2:

Front Squat Form then coach led 10 Front Squats with  BB.

Build to WOD weight in 2 sets of 3. 

Part 2:

For time: 200m Run, 21 Front Squats, 200m Run, 15 Front Squats, 200m Run 9 Front Squats

Rx 135/95 L2 105/75 L1 95/65


Run => 250/225m row


Weight for WOD should should feel moderately heavy. Squats should be broken in manageable sets, try for unbroken on last round.


200m Walk, Roll Quads and Lower Back

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