Tuesday August 21st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday August 21st


Tuesday August 21st

Strength: EMOM 20 – Even 3-6 Strict Pullups / 5-8 Ring Rows, Odd 5 – 8 Perfect Pushups. Last set of each max reps.

WOD: “Blasted”

AMRAP 7 of 3 HSPU, 6 Hang Snatch, 9 Lat Burpees Over Bar.

Rx 95/65, L2 75/55, L1 65/35

Notes: Choose numbers you can maintain during EMOM. Max reps on last set of each should be more for both. Make sure to scale HSPU and use a weight you can move quickly through each exercise. If you are resting then it is not scaled correctly, it is only 7 min..


EMOM 20 – Even 3-6 Strict Pullups/5-8 Ring Rows, Odd 5-8 Pushups.

WOD AMRAP 14 – 5 Pushups, 10 Alt Hang DB Snatch, 25 Mtn Climbers

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