Tuesday August 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday August 23rd


Tuesday August 23rd



All sets across at 80% or more.

Rest 3:00-4:00 between sets.

Only increase load if the first 3 sets are relatively easy.

Maximize total pounds lifted for all 5 sets.


5 sets for load:
5 back squats


Post workout:
2 sets:
20 banded side steps (moving left)
30 supermans
20 banded side steps (moving right)
15 good mornings (light)


2 sets:
:30 standing quad stretch/side
:30 couch stretch/side


Target | Heavy sets across (80%+)

Today’s back squat is intended to be performed in very heavy straight sets, so use a load that is a near 5-rep max for all 5 sets.

Athletes should use a load in the ballpark of 80-90% of a 1-rep max for all 5 sets. If athletes don’t know their numbers, this should be a load that is extremely demanding and that rides the line in the 4th and 5th set.

Athletes will need around 10:00 to build up to 5 reps at just under their workout weight or 3 reps exactly at it.

Athletes must rest 3:00-4:00 between sets to recover appropriately. This means that the soonest anyone can start a new set is once every 4:00 and the latest should be once every 5:00.

To save time and equipment along with keeping things fun, athletes will be partnered to share a barbell. The warm-up will be quick to give partners plenty of time to sort out loads, setup, and execution.

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