Tuesday December 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday December 19th


Tuesday December 19th

Strength: EMOM 10 – 2 Power Cleans, 1 Squat Clean. Work with ~ 65-75% PC 1RM.

WOD: “Bulletproof”

AMRAP 15 – 20m Bent Leg Bear Crawl, 15 Supermans, 10 WBS.

RX 20/14, L2 16/12, L1 12/8

Notes: Cleans are for technique work.

Work with a weight that will feel mod heavy but still allow you to focus on form.

The WOD will need pacing, use the supermans to rest your quads.


EMOM 16 – Even 6-8 Goblet Squats, Odd 10 KBS.

WOD: Same as Main



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